See what’s in your contracts and prevent COVID-19 from impacting your business.

Evisort AI mitigates the impact of COVID-19 for your business.

Each day as COVID-19 progresses, it can have a growing impact on any organization. During our days of shelter in place your organization may be incurring additional costs that you aren’t aware of such as unwanted contract auto-renewals that can lead to additional costs for some into the millions. Using AI to locate key expiration and renewal dates can help mitigate risk and reduce costs beyond these days of shelter in place. Evisort can do in seconds what would take a team of lawyers weeks, and it can provide more and better results than a standard contract analysis tool

Get the information and answers you need faster and more accurately than ever before to save costs during this unprecedented time.

Mitigate Risk with Out-of-the-Box Provisions

Automatically identify clauses across all agreements. Jump straight into mitigating the harms of this pandemic instead of spending time manually determining what the damage to business has been or can become.

Search Contract Management

All Legal Brought In-House

Eliminate high costs from outsourced legal work. Evisort creates extreme efficiencies and time savings by doing the work of paralegals and removes the need for additional hires in peak circumstances like M&A.

Search Force Majeure

Gain Visibility into Any Contract

Evisort pulls contracts from across your entire organization and works with over 200 contract types including third party. Run search queries on over 50 types of metadata and clauses for quick reporting and decision making.

Stay on Top of Every Dollar in Your Contracts

Evisort makes you aware of what’s in your contract and reminds you of key areas of revenue spend. From one platform know when to renegotiate or cancel renewals. Manage rebates and take advantage of all discounts and savings in payment terms.

COVID-19 Rapid Response: Intelligence for Contracts

Rapid Solution Deployment
  • SaaS Platform backed by Microsoft
  • Azure & AWS Hosted
  • 20 users standard
  • Synch across Box, Dropbox, Onedrive, and Gmail repositories
  • No change to data naming or storage
  • SOC 2 Type II
AI: Deep Learning for 100% of Your Contracts
  • Out of the Box AI
  • 232 contract types
  • 50+ clauses and metadata
  • 3rd Party + your standard contracts
  • Pre-built searches tailored to COVID-19 response
  • OCR+ proprietary technology
  • PDF or Word
Find in Seconds from Day 1
  • Force Majeure
  • Term & Termination
  • Limits of Liability
  • Insurance
  • Indemnification
  • Change of Control
  • Assignment
  • Renewal & Auto-Renewal 
  • Notice Periods / ROFO & ROFR
  • Rebate Tables
  • Diversity Spend
  • Payment Terms
Who Can Benefit
  • CXOs
  • In–house Legal Teams
  • Risk Management Teams
  • Financial & Accounting Teams
  • Corporate Development: M&A, Real Estate Mgmt
  • Contract & Commercial Management Teams
  • Supply Chain & Procurement

Manage your contracts with AI to minimize risk and optimize your spend across 100% of your contracts.

Demo today and deploy tomorrow on your contracts

Evisort is SOC 2 Type 2 and SOC 3 certified. Rest assured, any sensitive data residing in Evisort is in the safest, most secure environment.

SoC 2 Type 2

Born out of Harvard Law & MIT. See what 3+ years of AI deep-learning training on 10’s of millions of contracts can mean to your business. Add the power of true deep-learning AI to your current contact management systems and workflow today.


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