Procurement Contract Management

Procurement Advantage

Modern businesses purchase large quantities of goods, from mission critical software down to basic equipment and office supplies.

We can analyze all of your vendor contracts in seconds. We identify and display significant risks, expiration and renewal dates, and more all in one place for easy contract management.

Procurement Contract Management Software

Track & Manage Contracts Easily.

Track and manage contracts with the most intelligent vendor management system ever. We can track when contracts expire and which have automatic renewals. We pull out contract values, break agreements down by region, extract payment terms, and more.

Gain Visibility Into Your Supply Chain.

We currently help companies manage billions in vendor spend with our AI-powered insights that power supply chain.

Benchmark Key Business Terms.

We can help benchmark different key business terms across your enterprise to help with negotiation.

We bought tomatoes for $5 a lb last month, and now they are asking for $6 a month.

We can tell you how much you paid in the past for an item so you can compare that with present and future costs.

Track Rebate Schedules.

Expertly track and manage rebate schedules and discounts. Companies spend hours negotiating contracts to get the best value and we help them save money by flagging rebates and discounts so nothing slips through the cracks.

Contract Management Whitepaper

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In 2018, the percentage of companies that embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its processes was 47%, which has more than doubled since 2017. With an influx of AI companies and technology, supply chain management and procurement processes are changing as well. AI is speeding up processes and saving companies money.

This white paper discusses how AI and machine learning are changing the way companies approach supply chain management and procurement – providing a smoother collaboration between companies and it’s vendors.

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